NAILBITER Announces new CEO and Expansion Plans

NAILBITER Announces new CEO and Expansion Plans

NAILBITER reports a significant acceleration to growth. In the first half of 2018, bookings were up +71% over the same period a year ago. Revenue in this period was predominantly driven by recurring business from top CPG customers, and several key factors including a significant upgrade to In-store Norms database, Omnichannel solutions and Global expansion.

To fuel future growth, NAILBITER announces a significant expansion plan along with changes to top leadership.

Over the next 6 months, NAILBITER will double its employee base and add new senior employees to its client services team.  It will expand its headquarter office in Reston, VA and add new offices in the New York and Chicago Metro areas.

Amishi Takalkar will lead the company as the new CEO. Amishi is a Co-founder and the architect of NAILBITER data products. She has a Masters in Marketing Research from the University of Texas at Arlington and extensive CPG research, data and analytics experience, including CPG Market Research at Pepsico, Technology at AOL and Entrepreneurship at Affinnova.

Amishi has been recognized as one of the most promising entrepreneurs under 40 by the YEC. She is known as a thought leader in MR data sciences and in Entrepreneurship and is regularly interviewed in Forbes, Huffington Post and CPG industry publications.

When we embarked on this journey, I did not know what to expect from the large video research platform we were building” according to Amishi.  “I am thrilled with the resulting data from the platform and its relevance to CPG brand and marketing measurement. It has allowed us to uncover an entirely new set of metrics to measure brand and marketing performance. These new Videometrics will enhance or replace traditional metrics such as sales, brand awareness & perception, brand penetration, and purchase interest.”

Amit Dhand will transition from CEO to EVP of Client Services.  As a Co-founder, he successfully shepherded the company from Inception through Technology Development and initial Customer Development. In his new role, Amit will be entirely focused on recruiting, building and training a world-class Business Development and Client Services team. Amit will also continue to serve on NAILBITER board.

“NAILBITER was started in late 2014 as a video survey and analytics technology platform” according to Amit. “In 2016, we realized that the true potential of the platform was linked to establishing the value of Videometrics and Norms. The next leader of the company needs to be a data master. I am confident Amishi is best suited to take over the helm of the company while I move into a role I have successfully executed many times.”



NAILBITER® is a global technology platform developed exclusively for quantitative video-based market research. Through this platform, NAILBITER has discovered new quantitative Videometrics and Norms to measure CPG Brand and Marketing performance.

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